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children of alcoholics american addiction centers - children of alcoholics and combat veterans the mental health trauma is so severe says psychology today that it is akin to what soldiers in combat suffer there is chaos and inconsistency even violence in an alcoholic family for children there may be physical and or sexual assault including incest which can scar them well into adulthood, children of alcoholics impact effects of alcoholic parents - alcoholism takes an especially high toll on children who often carry the scars associated with an alcoholic parent s drinking well into adulthood it s estimated that more than 28 million americans are children of alcoholics and nearly 11 million are under the age of 18, 13 characteristics of adult children of alcoholics - many children of alcoholics develop similar characteristics and personality traits in her 1983 landmark book adult children of alcoholics the late janet g woititz phd outlined 13 of them, children of alcoholics aamft org - developmentally children of alcoholics are at a disadvantage in childhood young children for example believe their thoughts and feelings are all powerful they imagine that they cause bad things and may assume their parents drink because of them one of the most important messages children can hear is that the alcoholism is not their fault, the effects of parental alcoholism on children - of course that s not true and children of alcoholic parents can be among those most impacted unfortunately the effects of growing up around alcoholism are sometimes so profound that they last a lifetime affecting the way kids turned adults see themselves and others interact in relationships and more, children of alcoholics rehabcenters com - adult children of alcoholics often grew up in families characterized by abuse and violence many of these families are considered dysfunctional due to excessive amounts of conflicts and a lack of respect among the family members the treatment for the psychological problems and alcoholism of the children of alcoholics is a long process, children of alcoholics psych central - the adult children of alcoholics may find themselves unable to confront their spouse s or child s drinking or drug problem instead they will try to control the other person s problem, 28 startling children of alcoholics statistics hrf - 28 startling children of alcoholics statistics alcoholism or an addiction to alcohol is a common problem in many homes and unfortunately this problem often affects the entire family of the alcoholic including the children