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possibilities definition of possibilities by the free - possibility if there is a possibility of something happening or being true it might happen or be true, possibilities define possibilities at dictionary com - late 14c condition of being possible from old french possibilit 13c and directly from latin possibilitatem nom possibilitas possibility from possibilis see possible adj meaning a possible thing or substance is from c 1400 related possibilities, possibilities synonyms possibilities antonyms thesaurus com - the possibilities of her camping out became all the more remote dilly was thinking this morning of all the possibilities of the lovely shining day what would have become of economic justice if any one of these possibilities had occurred the plan must be all right and wondrous in its possibilities, possibilities dictionary definition possibilities defined - the possibilities are endless life was simply a maze of possibilities waiting on decisions it has possibilities providing a person could buy it but these possibilities are not mutually exclusive alternatives, surrogate mothers reproductive possibilities montvale nj - reproductive possibilities llc is a surrogate mother agency owned by melissa brisman our tradition of superior knowledge and customer service has allowed us to locate and manage surrogate mother arrangements resulting in the birth of almost two hundred babies each year, possibilities quotes 447 quotes goodreads - his name was privilege but hers was possibility his was the same old story but hers was a new one about the possibility of changing a story that remains unfinished that includes all of us that matters so much that we will watch but also make and tell in the weeks months years decades to come, uncap the possibilities official site - inspired with extraordinary passion and the power of sharpie everyone has the ability to change the world sharpie is teaming up with superstar athletes to uncap the possibilities for positive change